FILMSMITHS is the creative partnership of husband & wife team, Tom Jay Smith & Faye Smith. Together they produce cinematic wedding & commercial videos, alongside photographic content for various Companies & private clients.

When the couple met they realised their creative minds & visions for film & photography were distinctly similar and so just a few years later FILMSMITHS was born! 


Tom produces video & film content & is a consultant for Video Europe (VE) acting as their Head of Digital Cinema based at Battersea Studios in London. He has worked in the film industry since leaving school & has been at VE for over a decade. He created a new Digital Cinema department which has grown into the largest source of digital cinema camera's in the world. He controls the whereabouts of over 200 cameras worldwide, including long term rentals in Rio, Sao Paolo, LA, Toronto, Cape Town, Johannesburg & Paris.

Tom has a huge passion for Digital Cinema capture, he develops work flows for anything from music videos to feature films specialising in high resolution cinema capture.


Faye's passion for photography was firmly on the back-burner after having two baby girls within a year of each other in 2014 & 2015...madness! Sadly the hiatus is about to begin again from August 2017 as she & Tom are expecting twins this Autumn - four children age three and under.... let the games begin!!!

Aside from ongoing commercial and wedding work Filmsmiths are currently shooting 'Hung' their first narrative feature film.